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Rules for leaving the comments and responses

The site is a private property and the private project which is carrying out the activity on the basis of a number of the relevant international laws, protecting a private property and regulating activity of this sort. Registration on a site is free, but we insist that you should observe rules and policy in details stated below. Ignorance of rules doesn't exempt liability for their violation. Having confirmed registration on a site, you automatically agree with rules.

1 . The administration has the right to delete or edit unacceptable messages. Thus, you admit  that the messages published on a site reflect  their authors’ opinion, and only the author bears maintenance responsibility of the message.

2 . The administration bears responsibility only for the messages placed by representatives of a site

3 . Responsibility for any actions bears the owner of an account, no matter  who made actions under this account.

4 . Users have to show mutual respect.

5 . The disrespectful relation to administration and guests  is forbidden.

6 . Manifestations of religious, racial, sexual and other intolerance and/or discrimination are forbidden.

7 . Use of abusive words in any language, offensive attacks and the other statements offending dignity of users of a site, in any part of the message – in any part of the text is forbidden.

8 . It is forbidden, uncoordinated to site administration, the commercial publication in messages, profiles and avatars. It is also forbidden to use a site as a promotional and informational portal for political parties and public organizations.

9 . The message has to have heading (the subject name), briefly opening message contents.

10 . Noncommercial and commercial use of materials of a site is allowed only at the mention of a site as information source. The link has to be a straight line. Use of redirects is forbidden.

11 . Promotion of alcohol, drugs and other unhealthy way of life in any kinds, including in nicknames, the signature, fields of a profile of the user and avatars is forbidden.

12 . The text of these rules, as well as all its subsequent editions, is obligatory for all users, including for non registered.